July 01, 2014

5th Annual Wyss Institute Symposium

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University uses Nature’s design principles to develop bioinspired materials and devices that will create a more sustainable world. In June 27th the Wyss Institute celebrated the 5th annual international symposium on “Bioinspired Adaptive Materials: From Molecules to Buildings” at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center of the Harvard Medical School. The speakers presented the most relevant conclusions about their research and technological breakthroughs based on 3D printing, biomimetic engineering, robotic fabrication, and adaptive materials technology. At the symposium, Wilfredo Mendez, Biotectonica Research & Design Studio director, met Achim Menges, Ph.D, Neri Oxman, Ph.D, Peter Vukusic, Ph.D and Lidia Badarnah, Ph.D. Mendez aims to improve the investigation scope of the studio by introducing novel technologies to the production of emergent architectures for the Caribbean and Latin America.