June 17, 2014

Seismic-Resilient Synthetic Bones research featured at FX Design Magazine

The human anatomy is a thing of wonder that is inspiring new ideas in material development, according to Annabelle Filer. The research Seismic-Resilient Synthetic Bones was featured by Filer at her article “Body of Knowledge” included in the latest issue (June 2014) of FX Design Magazine “Under The Skin”. The magazine that embraces The Business of Design, and curated by DesignCurial is a strong UK design magazine that monthly features articles about emergent materials. The investigation by Wilfredo Méndez being developed at the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico was selected among other worldwide investigations on material technologies that will change the future of buildings.

Special thanks to Annabelle Filer, creative director of materials library SCIN