June 17, 2014

Presentation of Polimorfo Vol.3 at CAAPPR

Wilfredo Méndez Vázquez was invited to be among the speakers at the presentation of Polimorfo, vol. 3; the Journal of the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. The latest issue of the magazine embraces the topic of “Architecture To Come”. Méndez presented his essay “Nature 2.0: Between the Future and a New Tectonic Dimension” to further the understanding on biomimicry as one of the most important emergent theories for the future of design and architecture. Along with designers Andrés Salas and Javier Román, and architect Andrés Mignucci, Méndez postulates the need to embrace biologically-inspired strategies in order to design resilient architecture and future cities. Méndez agreed that architecture of the future must perform as part of a “folded time process” as postulated by Cidália Ferreira in her essay “The Interproject: Knowing and Proposing are One” also featured in the journal. Architecture of the future will be diametrically different from the current concept, and must be driven by emergent technologies, spatial and program flexibility and resilient morphologies, according to Wilfredo.

Special thanks to Maria I. Oliver