June 03, 2013

News: Exhibition at Plaza del Caribe in Ponce, Puerto Rico

BioTectonica Research & Design Studio first exhibition was presented on Saturday, June 1st as part of the tour “Huracanes y Casa Segura” by Arch. Astrid Diaz and meteorologist Ada Monzón. BioTectonica’s exhibition was titled Bio-Inspired Architecture against Natural Disasters, and consists of the works designed by the studio students during this spring semester 2013. These projects are biologically-inspired shelters which improve on resilience to the Caribbean hazards: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis. The whole event was reviewed by local news Univision Puerto Rico.

Special thanks to: Arch. Astrid Diaz

BioTectonica Research & Design Studio with Arch. Astrid Diaz and mayor of Ponce Mayita Meléndez

Interview by Ada Monzón from Univision Puerto Rico

BioTectonica's Exhibition "Bio-Inspired Architecture against Natural Disasters" in Plaza del Caribe

Student Linnette Gutierrez explaining her project to Univision Puerto Rico

Arch. Astrid Diaz explaining one of the studio projects