March 22, 2013

Architecture Inspired by the Living Things published at METRO

An article about the design theory and work progress of BioTectonica Design Studio was recently published at METRO Newspaper. This spring semester (2013) the studio has focused on the investigation and translation of biologically-inspired design. Such research aims to propose novel architecture strategies of resiliency. In fact, in the studio, the students are investigating on biomorphic structures that can actually change their shape in order to adapt to some nature’s hazards such as earthquakes or storms and many of its implications. Inspired by nature, some of the structures achieved are able to float as the Lotus leaf, to deform as a palm, to be elastic as the spiderweb, to dispel sea surges as the coral and the mangroves, and even to deform as bamboo and some existing rocks in caverns.!roLH5BaCqMICw/

Special thanks to Sonia E. Rivera and Angel O. Rivera