October 06, 2012

News: La Cancha Verde in AREA Magazine


The ECO-Sport Basketball Court was published in the GREEN section of the autumn special edition of AREA: The Magazine of Design, Architecture and Décor of Puerto Rico. As the first project of Ramirez-Gonzalez Studio made within the philosophy of “Architecture as Product,” the ecological court has been reviewed in several architecture blogs and design magazines in Puerto Rico.

This novel design for a basketball court is extremely efficient; in fact, it doesn’t need fossil-based energy in order to operate its functions: lighting, mechanical, plumbing, etc. The ECO-Sport is the first ecological basketball court specially designed for the Caribbean. It has been engineered to be a new paradigm in public buildings for the region.

Special thanks to: Lauriemar Rivera Pérez (GREEN section editor) and Militza Suárez (AREA editor-in-chief)