July 11, 2012

TIP: On Medical R&D and the future of Building’s Technology

Did you know the digestive system of the human body assimilates better most natural substances or nature’s linked food than its artificial variations? For example, our digestive system metabolizes more naturally any unrefined forms of sugar than refined sugar! This singular concept seems very amazing because it could be extrapolated permitting us to logically conclude that the natural environment would assimilates better the living natural structures than current inert ones!

Taking advantage of contemporary available technology, mainly being developed for the medical industry, we could predict one way of sustainable future for the building industry. Just as we anticipate, future structures would be 3D printed; however, certain structures would be printed with materials engineered with living tissue. Current medical technology is researching specifically in that field of synthetic biology. With the advantage of engineered bio-materials for building structures, possibly those structures would be responsive to environmental stimuli in real time.

In conclusion, one way for the existence of fully resilient structures depends on the intersection between those two different industries (the medical industry and the construction industry) and its technological fields.