June 10, 2012

Biotectonic and Antiseismic principles featured at Czech Republic by HappyMaterials.com

HappyMaterials.com | STICK.S - Konstrukční systém inspirovaný kostmi

You can’t help to think of Gaudi‘s work with the overtly organic nature of the frame joints in the project, but rest assured the theory and engineering behind this projects is intact and evident. Largely based on work by Architect Wilfredo Méndez (AIT) as part of his Master of architecture thesis Principles of a Biotectonic Culture at the School of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico, the proposal highlights the strengths in applying the structural characteristics of human bone cross section to building materials. The thesis is a structural design guide based on principles of biological adaptation for reinforced concrete morphologies. Using biomimicry as the theoretical platform, Wilfredo seeks to define structural design strategies that reduce the seismic vulnerability of RC structures, naming the proposal Stick.S (or Stick System).