April 16, 2012

News: Biologically inspired structure to withstand earthquakes published at El Nuevo Dia

Recent earthquakes throughout the world have warned building professionals to adapt structures in order to withstand future seismic events. For architect (AIT) Wilfredo Méndez Vázquez, Puerto Rico has become his laboratory for the design of bio-adapted structures made of reinforced concrete. For him, Puerto Rico is a great case study model because its location within a seismic zone in the Caribbean, its preference for heavy materials for construction, such as concrete and masonry, and its construction industry resemblance with most Latin American countries. Mendez objective for design resilient structures for the future has guided his attention to biomimicry. Since 2009, his thesis development has been focused on a structure design inspired by the performance features of the human femur bone. Hence, the structure design has been based on force-driven morphology, mechanical resilience, and environmental adaptation.

A review of the thesis conclusion has been published (in spanish) at El Nuevo Dia newspaper, in fact, the main newspaper in Puerto Rico.

Special thanks to Mónica Feliú-Mójer, Vice-director of CienciaPR; and Nory Rivera Soto, Construction Magazine editor at El Nuevo Dia.

For an english version you can access http://www.cienciapr.org/podcasts_view.php?id=117