August 26, 2011

News: Migrant Health Center reaches completion

The Migrant Health Center, Western Region, Inc; is enjoying its new image. After a year of Facade Engineering Design and 7 months of construction, its new facade is already completed. The new image for the Health Center was inspired by the surrounding urban typology and the juxtaposition of different textures which mimics a natural stone pattern very integrated to Puerto Rico tropical image.

However, this design has no bio-structural features. In fact, for this project, the structure was not exposed or expressed. The original structure was evaluated by a professional structural engineer in order to accomplish the new structural inputs from the new facade. Hence, the structure remains as the architecture endoskeleton. However, some tension lines were abstracted and expressed in the facade. Although these lines don't represent the exact structural behavior of the walls, they are abstract expressions of force translated into the envelope pattern.