December 18, 2010

BIOT: Bones Against Earthquakes

STICK.S may represent the conclusions of a two year research and development (R+D) dissertation for the MA in architecture. Inspired in the morphological performance of the human body structural system, this project seeks to define a holistic architectural strategy which uses novel geometric parameters for building structure design in order to increase the building mechanical, structural and sustainability performance. The investigation setting takes advantage of seismically vulnerable areas in order to propose and evaluate the new design technique for concrete structures fabrication. In fact, the whole research development can be resumed as a bio-structural solution which involved analogical translations of parameters into architecture for the formulation of an efficient design solution. Such proposal rethinks the way we design and build towards a performance-based design strategy capable of adapt to some determined natural hazards factors, such as earthquakes implications, while reducing the material waste and the energy demand that it implies for fabrication.