April 13, 2014

CienciaPR Organization folds into Biotectonica

As director of Biotectonica Research & Design Studio at the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Wilfredo Méndez co-directs the initiative of Biotectonica at CienciaPR which materialize with the launching of a blog within the organization website. The blog Biotectonica intends to foster the scientific dimension of design and architecture. Inaugural contributors to the blog includes scientist Grizelle Gonzalez from the International Institute of Tropical Forestry, architect Fernando Abruña, biologist and architecture student Glorimar Irizarry, and filmmaker and philosopher Jason Silva, host of Brain Games at the National Geographic Channel.

Special thanks to Dr. Giovanna Guerrero, Dr. Greetchen Díaz, Dr. Daniel Colón, Arch. Edlyn García-AIT, and Javier de Jesús, dean of the School of Architecture, PC-UPR.


Lecture “The Next Nature of Concrete”

After the release of the article “The Next Nature of Concrete” at Archi-Ninja.com and the conference “Seismic-Resilient Synthetic Bones” at the Bi-Annual Symposium of Concrete sponsored by the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez and the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Wilfredo Méndez was invited by CoHemis (Centro Hemisférico de Cooperación en Investigación y Educación en Ingeniería y Ciencia Aplicada) to talk in conference about his insights and discoveries of his research project.

Special thanks to Dr. Fernando Gilbes, director of CoHemis; and Dr. Francisco Maldonado, dean of students.

February 23, 2014

The Next Nature of Concrete via Archi-ninja

Wilfredo Mendez explores the notion of concrete’s future paradigm in this essay recently published in archi-ninja.com. The main statement is based on Mendez research which started in 2008 and has been evolved from the optimum morphology of reinforced concrete structures into a meta-material design inspired by the resilience of bones. Furthermore, the essay takes the investigation one step further by proposing pre-programmed postures for concrete buildings in order to adapt morphology to sudden forces such as a human body does.

Special thanks to Linda Bennett, archi-ninja.com founder and editor, for her invitation to publish an article of mine in such a wonderful architecture website


January 20, 2014

Outstanding Youth Award

For more than forty years the UNESCO Puerto Rican Association recognizes the Outstanding Youths of the year. Dr. Antonio Molina, president of the Association, has selected Wilfredo Méndez Vázquez as one among other thirty Outstanding Youths of 2013. Several publications, international awards and achievements as lecturer and researcher of the School of Architecture, PC-UPR has lead the decision of the Association on Méndez selection.

The ceremony will take place on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at the General Archive of the National Library of Puerto Rico.

Grand Winner of the inaugural TiP | Balmond Studio Competition

Wilfredo Mendez Vazquez was the inaugural TiP – Thinking In Practice Competition with his Unnatural Concrete research project which investigates the possibilities of bone providing a model for a new, sustainable substitute to concrete. Along with the winning entry, Wilfredo spoke about the background of the project and discusses the future of biomimicry in design.

Special thanks to: Wilfredo Méndez Pérez, Mónica Sánchez, Edlyn García, Alejandro Mieses; and Jessika Green, Editor and Writer at TiP